Advertisement rates break all records

Nothing can be bigger than an India-Pakistan knock out game in a World Cup. So, it's not shocking that ad rates for the live broadcast of the game has broken all records.Sources tell NDTV that spot rates for ten seconds of advertisement have risen six times to Rs. 18 lakh. The rates for group stages matches were sold at Rs. 3.5-4 lakh per ten seconds. The previous record for spot rates was Rs. 14-15 lakh (per ten seconds) during the IPL final in 2009.

So far, all matches featuring team India have attracted higher rates. Spot rates for the India-Australia quarterfinal match was Rs. 10-12 lakh (per ten second) while that for India-England match was Rs. 7 lakh (per ten second).

The spot ad rates for the final match are projected to be sold at a enormous Rs. 24 lakhs (per ten second).The mother of all matches has not only affected ad rates, but ticket prices have soared in the black market too. A Rs. 250 ticket fetched Rs. 2,000 while Rs. 500 tickets went for Rs. 4,000. A Rs. 1,000 ticket sold for as high as Rs. 6,500-7,000.

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