Cricket news: Pepsi IPL player auction 2013 to take place on February 3

The IPL Player sale 2013 will be held on Sunday, February 3, 2013, at the ITC Grand Chola, Chennai, and a media release said. The proceedings will begin at 11:00 am. The public sale will be conducted by Richard Madley, a specialized auctioneer from England who has behavior each of the previous IPL player auctions. The events will be telecast live on SONY SIX.

"The Dutch auction signals the start of the sixth season of what has been an occurrence. The 2013 version of the IPL will feature a new title support - PEPSI - and a new team - SUNRISERS HYDERABAD. It will be attractive to see how the Franchises go about bolstering their respective line-ups prior to the contest.

The development during the auction will be followed by fans from all over the country, and overseas, who cannot wait for the action to begin," Rajeev Shukla, Chairman, IPL, said. The aperture match of the Pepsi IPL 2013 will take place on 3 April 2013 in Kolkata.

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Hammer Throw - Tips for Athletes

One of the most popular events in the track and field contest is Hammer Throwing. This type of sport was developed numerous centuries ago in England, Ireland and Scotland. The hammer throwing occasion can be traced back to an instance when the Tailteann games were taking place in Tara.

This competition was done by an athlete taking and alternation of the object on top of the head and throwing it as far as could be with the athlete standing in one spot. The distance thrown was then measured from the line where the athlete stood that was marked down on the field. The longest distance hammer throw recorded then was 130 to 140 feet.
Hammer Throw
Your preparation should be divided into three separate stages,

1. Focus on preparation,
2. Focus on precompetition work,
3. Actual contest itself.

This sporting happening in 1900 was included into the Olympic Games, which nowadays is a very big part of track and field. One other thing that altered was the sector as it is at present 34.92 degrees.


1. Execute must be specialized for weight, length, diameter, handle and center of gravity.
2. Thrower must stay in the circle until put into action lands.
3. The competitor must wait until executes has landed before exiting the back half of circle under manage.
4. Any throw that lands in the division and is not a foot foul is a correct throw.

From our Athletic Store you can find various hammer throw equipment like gloves, handles, wires, throwing puds, brass, iron hammers etc.,

General Sports Accessories for Safety Purpose

How much you are interested in playing? How much times you are spending in sports? that much you will get injured while playing. For all the professional players, sports equipments are the compulsory one. Without those accessories they can’t save them from injury. In every playing situation it is essential to use the correct accessories and to make conform that it is in better condition. General sports accessories for safety purpose are given below.

1. Helmets:

          Helmet types can be varied depending up on the sports but the main purpose wearing it is to safe guard the head from injury. Crickets, Rugby foot ball, Boxing, Hockey are some of the games where players have to wear helmet compulsorily.

2. Protective padding:

Protective Vest
          American foot ball, cricket and hockey players wear different types of padding to protect them from wound. Cricket players use leg and arm shields, safety gloves, a headgear and a box guard to secure them when batting or wicket-keeping. Hockey goalies also use leg shields, body shields and helmets to secure them. Football and baseball gamers use leg shields. It is important that the equipment is used properly and kept in fine condition for it to be effective.

3. Footwear:
        Wearing shoes is a general habit to most of the peoples but for sports and exercising persons it’s an essential one. Wearing correct boots gives them a comfort while playing and exercising. It protects their feet from wound. It also gives better ankle support to some sports like shot-put, Discus throw, Javelin throw, Hammer throw and Running race

4. Gum shields / mouth guards:
          This safety equipment is used to protect the mouth of the players. In Hockey, Rugby and Boxing all the players should wear these shields to safe guard them. To fit the gum shield correctly you have to discuss with your dentist.

5. Safety equipment:

          Extra safety equipments are used by the peoples who involved in outdoor activities. Blisters can be avoided by using such accessories. Buoyancy and life jackets should be used by the sailors to protect their life in case they fall into the water. Rock-climbers should use harnesses for safety. supplies high standard boxing gear, sport accessories, cricket bats, carrom boards, Shot-put, Fitness products etc in affordable price.

Main tricks of Carrom Game

Carrom men discs or coins are important in this game as the player has to hit it to the pockets using another main disc known as “striker” or “puck” around a carrom board. This game is very interesting just like chess and billiards where special tricks are the main thing to win the game.

Side Shot

Side shot is a trick can be used to hit your coin into a pocket or your competitor's coins out of the way. Hit the striker so that it goes by your aimed disc with just the part of your puck in contact with the part of the coin. Hit the striker ahead and as it goes by the coin it will push the coin in the opposite of the side that was hit. For example, flicking the disc on the right direction will push it to the opposite direction. Use this to hit side pockets or to affect a possible move from your competitor.

Second Hit

This trick can be used to pocket two coins at a single shot if a coin is blocking your hit to another coin on the carrom board. Target the coin which can hit another coin to reach the pocket in a straight line path.
Middle Shot

Middle shot is a kind of a tricky method in this game which can be done at the starting stage of the game. When all the coins are placed on the middle of the carrom board this shot helps you to hit two coins simultaneously. When two coins are adjacent to each other by touching one another, hit the striker to shot the space between the two coins. If it hit the gap then the two coins should move in opposite directions and reach two different pockets at the same time.

Thumb Shot

There are no rules to use a single finger to hit the striker so you can use your thumb for a stronger hit. Form a circle by using your thumb and index finger and shot the coin by moving your thumb forward at the striker.

Alley Oop

One can use this method while playing doubles game. You should hit the striker to place the coin near the pocket and your partner should pocket it during his/her turn. In our we offer high quality carrom board set, brands chess set, gears, strikers, coins and other gaming accessories in an equitable price.

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An insight into shot put techniques

When it comes to track and field events, they are separated by two different sets and it includes track events and field events. Between these two track events include sprints, relays, hurdles, middle distances and long distances. Coming to field events, it includes high jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, hammer throw, javelin, decathlon, and pentathlon.

Classified into the track events category running and hurdling are the most important track events. Combined with the field activities it includes marathon race vaulting, foot racing, jumping, relays, hurdling, shot put, discus throw and hammer throw together with various objects with different weights.

Internet has made our lives easier, so searching for the best sports equipment is not an issue unless and until you know certain tactics. Basically, people tend to buy a product that stands out for quality coupled with durability. So when you are looking out for something that is quite costlier make sure whether it has that ability to stand long for that worth you are paying.

There are two imperative techniques that have to be used effectively to perform well and it includes:
  • Spin technique or rotational technique
  • Glide technique
The rotational or spin technique of shot put is a highly developed one and it is commonly cracked by the connoisseurs in the sport. When it comes to this technique, the one throwing the shot has to rest his leading leg at the center of the ring. The other leg should move back and forth and the person should spin the body when it is placed in the ground, the other leg reiterates the same process. After this the player flings off the shot.

Jaffer stepped down captaincy of mumbai ranji team

Wasim Jaffer stepped down from his post after a stint of four years at the helm but will be available as a player. "Wasim Jaffer has stepped down from his position as the captain of Mumbai Ranji Trophy team after allocation at the position for 4 years. He led the Mumbai team to 2 Ranji Trophy titles in the year 2008-09 and 2009-10," said Mumbai Cricket Association's joint secretary and older selection panel Nitin Dalal.

"Jaffer continues to be available for selection in Mumbai team as a batsman. The new captain would be selected by the selection panel, in all probability, next week," he added. "Jaffer has written a letter that he wanted to focus on his batting. Dalal, however, denied that left-handed batsman Abhishek Nayar, who has played a few ODIs too, is the front runner to take up the position vacated by Jaffer who, during the course of Mumbai's failed run this season, became the highest run-getter in the national championship.

"Nayar has denied that he talked that he was ready to take up the job if offered. That was a wrong report," Dalal clarified. Mumbai ran out of the steam this year to regain the trophy that they have won on 39 occasions at the semi-final stage when they were knocked out by concluding runners-up Tamil Nadu. Last season, the oft-crowned champions bit the dust against Rajasthan, who went on to retain the trophy after overcoming Tamil Nadu away from home this year.

Graham Ford is appointed as Sri Lanka coach

South Africa’s Graham Ford has been named as Sri Lanka’s new cricket coach, a day after Mahela Jayawardene took over the captaincy. Ford will replace Geoff Marsh of Australia after the Lankan team resist on the South African tour. Ford’s selection comes in the background of massive overhaul the Sri Lankan sports ministry has initiated in a bid to get better the standard of the game in the emerald islands.

The 51-year old started his coaching career with Natal in the year 1992 and was later on selected as an assistant coach to late Bob Woolmer when the team made it to the 1999 World Cup semis. Ford has also served as the director of cricket at Kent.