Main tricks of Carrom Game

Carrom men discs or coins are important in this game as the player has to hit it to the pockets using another main disc known as “striker” or “puck” around a carrom board. This game is very interesting just like chess and billiards where special tricks are the main thing to win the game.

Side Shot

Side shot is a trick can be used to hit your coin into a pocket or your competitor's coins out of the way. Hit the striker so that it goes by your aimed disc with just the part of your puck in contact with the part of the coin. Hit the striker ahead and as it goes by the coin it will push the coin in the opposite of the side that was hit. For example, flicking the disc on the right direction will push it to the opposite direction. Use this to hit side pockets or to affect a possible move from your competitor.

Second Hit

This trick can be used to pocket two coins at a single shot if a coin is blocking your hit to another coin on the carrom board. Target the coin which can hit another coin to reach the pocket in a straight line path.
Middle Shot

Middle shot is a kind of a tricky method in this game which can be done at the starting stage of the game. When all the coins are placed on the middle of the carrom board this shot helps you to hit two coins simultaneously. When two coins are adjacent to each other by touching one another, hit the striker to shot the space between the two coins. If it hit the gap then the two coins should move in opposite directions and reach two different pockets at the same time.

Thumb Shot

There are no rules to use a single finger to hit the striker so you can use your thumb for a stronger hit. Form a circle by using your thumb and index finger and shot the coin by moving your thumb forward at the striker.

Alley Oop

One can use this method while playing doubles game. You should hit the striker to place the coin near the pocket and your partner should pocket it during his/her turn. In our we offer high quality carrom board set, brands chess set, gears, strikers, coins and other gaming accessories in an equitable price.

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