KP rues missing out chance of playing at Eden

Kevin Pietersen would be disappointed if he misses out on a chance to play at the iconic Eden Gardens in the World Cup, but feels that shifting the venue of the February 27 India-England tie would favour his team as they would be playing before less spectators shouting against them. The International Cricket Council had scrapped the February 27 match at the Eden saying that the stadium was not ready for the match and Pietersen rued that he would not be playing there.“It’s disappointing, I’ve never played at Eden Gardens. I didn’t play against the Knight Riders last year in IPL away match. It’s one of those venues where you really want to play during your career, especially against India,” said Pietersen.

“We had a really lucky draw with them in Calcutta. Unfortunately, it has been moved and there’s nothing we can do about it. But it might work to our advantage not having so many Indians screaming against us,” he said. The all-rounder also blasted the World Cup schedule, saying that the six-week fixture is too long and playing matches with six-day intervals is “ridiculous”.“It’s far too long. How can the England team play once and then in six days’ time play again, and then in six days’ time play again?” Pietersen asked. “It’s ridiculous but there’s nothing we can do about the schedules,” he added.

The outspoken cricketer also slammed England’s frantic schedule leading up to the Cup, starting on February 19, in the subcontinent. England fly out for the showpiece tournament just three days after arriving back from the current tour of Australia, which began back in October last year.“Our schedule is ridiculous going into this World Cup. It has been for England teams for a very long time and that’s most likely why England have not done well in World Cups,” said Pietersen. “I wouldn’t say we’re going to be knackered because it’s going to be the World Cup and we all want to win it. I know what I’ll be doing lying on my couch.”


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