Bradley proves he is ready for primetime

Last week’s junior welterweight union session proved a few things. Timothy Bradley is ready for primetime. And Devon Alexander? Well, he isn’t. The two young lions wanted some respect. They did and said all they could to hype the fight this was what boxing needed, the two best in their weight class meeting in the ring. It was No. 1 versus No. 1.And they were setting an example for the more established superstars who have done their best to avoid each other. But a terrible thing happened on fight night. Only one fighter showed up. Bradley, who trains in Indio, CA, and lives in nearby Palm Springs, made the fight.

He won the fight on aggression alone. Bradley (27-0, 11 KOs) is now the WBO junior welterweight champion and the WBC super lightweight champion. In other words he is the king of the 140 pounders. And Devon Alexander? Well, he folded like a cheap lawn chair. The two crowds, the 6,000 fans sitting ringside and those watching on HBO, were aching for a fight to break out when Alexander defined himself with a standing that will be hard to shake. He said in pre-fight interviews that this was the main moment of his life. But he performed as if he despised contact sports.

In the end he huddled in a corner, shut his eyes and refused to open them. He said the ‘sting’ was unbearable. His performance was intolerable. It was surely unworthy of a rematch. It’s quite the opposite for Bradley. The sky is the limit. And what is next for Bradley?"I said throughout fight week and after the fight, I am done calling people out," Bradley said. "I am the people's champion and I want to hear from the fans on who they would like me to fight next. They're buying the tickets and the premium channel subscriptions. They're entitled to have a say in this. Let my promoters know and Let HBO know.”


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