Mumbai Indians questions auction process

Mumbai Indians Thursday shot a powerfully worded letter to the Governing Council of the Indian Premier League (IPL) seeking clarification on the last-minute changes made to the auction rules for the league's fourth edition. Nikhil Meswani, executive director of Reliance Industries, in a letter to the Governing Council asked why was the auction changed from 'selection of sets at random' to pre-decided 'order of auction list' for the January 8-9 players auction, and said there was no 'justification' in making the last-minute change.

'The main purpose of deciding the order of auction through random draw in the auction room in the presence of the bidders is to ensure clearness and a level playing field to all the franchises so that they are not privy to the process. And no particular team receives preferred treatment,' he said. 'Any change in the auction rules process or procedures in this manner on the very last minute can have any justification if, and only if, strong justifiable and emergent reasons can be demonstrated. We see a complete absence of such reason or justification.

Kindly let us know as to why and to whose instance ths change was introduced,' he said. Meswani also asked the Governing Council to furnish series of documents, including agenda note and agenda of the meeting (Dec 17) of the IPL Governing Council in which the auction briefing was accepted. He also wanted the quorum and minutes of the same meeting and agenda note if any containing justification that necessitated the change in the presentation of the sets and rules and bye-laws of IPL relating to auction procedures.


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