What are all the rules to be followed in Carrom game???

Basic Rules of Carrom Game:

  • First arrange the carrom coins in the centre of carrom board. All the coins have to be placed around the queen coin in an alternative order.

  • Then players can start to play. First decide whom to start with then the player has to target the corner pockets. If all the coins have dropped by the players inside the pockets then the game got over.

  • Each time when the player is hitting the coin with striker; he as to place the striker either on any one of the circles which is presented in the two edge of the base line.

  • Or it should be placed between front and back line of the base line which is presented in the player’s side.

  • If the striker is placed on the circle then it should not cut the moon partially.

  • Always the striker as to flick only towards front, it should not move backwards or horizontally.

  • In the first turn there is no issue if the striker hits no coins and any other carrom pieces.

  • The other player will get turn when the previous didn’t pocket any coin or if they do any foul.

  • The player has to target the queen only after they pocketed any one of their coin.

  • If anyone put the queen in the pocket then they have to immediately put any of their coin in the pocket.

  • This is generally called as “Follow”. Else the queen piece as to be replaced on the centre red circle of the board.

  • All these rules to be followed till all the coins pocketed.

  • If the striker pocketed or if the player pockets the opponent coin then it will be considered as a foul.

  • For these types of foul the player has to keep the penalty coin in the main circle.

  • With all these basic rules play the carrom game and have fun!!!


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