Semanya is going to be named in South African team in Common Wealth Games 2010

Probably by this week Semanya will be included in South African team. Semanya the 19 year old girl said that she is already in the list just the organizers didn’t announce it. She said that she can’t fix the timing to finish the game because it’s all about the body condition so she is just going to follow her trainer that is he wants to make her to finish the game within 2 minutes.

So she said it will be even pretty if I finish the game by 1-59:90 but still she needs to train herself. She came back into the world class territory after the one month of proper training.

She said that her ambition is to beat the record which was made by 27 year old lady [1-53:28] but according to her if the athlete get a proper and continuous training then definitely its possible to beat the record.


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