A great visit to the stadium by Manmohan Singh

Manmohan SinghManmohan Singh has visited the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in order to speed up the work for common wealth games. This venue has been allotted for both the opening and closing ceremonies of the event. In the 20 minutes visit by Manmohan, he as made the officials to speed up the work and concerned to redouble their efforts and he made a clear view that there should be a flawless opening for the Common Wealth Games.

With the help of the Sports Minister and organizing committee chairman he has inspected the play fields, media facility, seats, etc. He also appreciated the works which are going well. This stadium only was in delay for the preparation of Common Wealth Games because the organizers took hard time to place the highly complicated roof atop it.

And Manmohan is having clear vision about the corruption which will be made during the games. So he has appointed one special team under the leadership of Cabinet Secretary K.M.ChandraSekhar.


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