Tyson Ready for Animal Planet Debut

It's not hard to find Mike Tyson it's just difficult to get there. Start out at Madison Square Garden, the epicenter of boxing for years, and catch the first train to New Jersey. You'll leave behind the impressive lights of New York City, slip quietly under the Hudson River and pass right by the quaint neighborhoods of Hoboken. When you get to Journal Square, start walking, across the Pulaski Skyway and past St. Peter's Cemetery, the upturned gravestones a tired reminder that Jersey City has seen better days.

Ask for Mario Costa, the owner of the joint, whose slicked-back hair and ever-present cigar give off a certain "Sopranos" vibe. He'll take you around back and make the introductions. This is Tyson these days, a TV character, movie star, international ambassador even if he's not sure what that entails. An entirely new generation knows nothing about the heavyweight era that he once dominated, or the prison sentences and sensationalist tales. The only crime they connect to him is robbery every scene he stole during the smash hit "The Hangover."

His new show on Animal Planet, titled "Taking on Tyson," debuts Sunday night at 10 p.m. EST. The focus is on Tyson's passion for pigeon racing, but it also brings viewers to places such as Jersey City and people such as Costa, who have stayed beside him through life's turmoil."People are going to see what they want to see they make their own images and perceptions," Tyson said during a smash from filming last fall. "I can't make anybody have an opinion about me. Only thing I can do is treat them the way they'd want to treat me."


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