Storm makes Boxing Day a out of action

Snow and strong winds have been maintenance shoppers missing from Boxing Day sales in Charlottetown. Stores opened for Boxing Day sales on Monday on P.E.I., unlike most other areas of the country where bargain hunters were out in full force Sunday.In Charlottetown, the first days after Christmas are regularly the busiest of the year for many stores, but not this year."There would be a lineup from the cash desk all the way back to my dressing rooms, there would be at least 50 other people in the store mulling around,"

Virginia McIsaac, manager of Pseudio and Samuel and Co. in the Charlottetown Mall, told CBC News on Tuesday."What we would do in a day would sometimes be the equivalent of what we would do in a week."But the snowstorm discourage many customers from driving to mall this year, resulting in lower sales at many stores. McIsaac said she also had to stop shifts for some workers."If you don't have the invasion of customers or it's bad weather, you do not have a lot of employees," she said.

"It's just a really disappointing time because boxing day sales, like there's a real hype in the store and we didn't have that this year."Those who did turn up for the sales enjoyed a far less chaotic experience."We're not going to have to fight people to get stuff," said one.McIsaac and other store managers hope once the weather clears up customers will make up for the money they didn't spend on Boxing Day.Wednesday morning brought freezing light rain to Charlottetown, with another two centimetres of snow expected during the day.


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