Australian umpire Darrell’s rude statement against Pakistan Players

Darrell-HairLatest Cricket News: Former Australian Test Cricket umpire Darrell Hair sentenced a rude statement against Pakistan players as they are “cheats, frauds and liars” since because the ICC refused to act against the Shoaib who tampered with the ball during the ODI against England last Wednesday. During the match the Pakistan players were caught red handed of deliberately bowling no-balls. Immediately, test captain Salman and his other teammates Mohammed Amir and Asif were suspended and sent back home.

Darrell became angry after hearing the statement of ICC that they were investigating the suspicious scoring patterns by Pakistan. And Darrell said "The fans, viewers and crowds have been watching cheats and liars. How long will they continue to part with their money to watch manipulated matches and players cheating? The ICC should be ashamed to allow these matches to take place."


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